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Top 3 benefits of using a property manager to rent out your Gold Coast investment property

By Sandy Davey

If you have considered using a property manager on the Gold Coast before, yet, or just haven’t found the one that suits you and your needs; below are a couple of key property management benefits that need to be placed at the top of your priority list.

1. An experienced local Gold Coast property agent who gives you back time and reduces stress

There is an age-old saying from Einstein stating, “…in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity”. An experienced property manager understands the necessity of reducing stress and relieving time for their clients. Five fundamental principles, should be followed to achieve the best return for landlords.

  • Ensure that the most accurate market rent is charged to the tenant.
  • Professional online marketing including great photos and skilled copywriting. This offers you a complete range of applicants.
  • Carefully check every single tenant. By reducing your time spent doing this, assure you they have a clean rental history and sufficient income to pay the rent.
  • Proactive maintenance management – using qualified trades and performing regular maintenance.
  • Respect for your tenants. Although this may not be at the top of your “must have’s” in a property manager, keeping trust and security with your tenants is imperative. 

2. Extensive Property Maintenance and Rental Inspection Procedures

An experienced property manager on the Gold Coast should have:

  • A tradie pool that offers priority service to their clients. Owning a rental property in Australia, can be stressful enough without the subconscious thought of “what happens to my investment property during natural disasters”. In times of need, your property manager needs to support you instead of doing it all yourself.
  • Keep detailed records of all expenses and costs associated with your investment property, assisting to help you reduce maintenance bills or your tax during your EOY returns.
  • Visit your property every 12-16 weeks (approximately 3-4 times per year). Having experience, knowledge and ability to identify problems or potential problems during property inspections.

3. Dispute handling and keeping tenant relationships professional

Disputes between landlords and tenants can happen, particularly over a bond, maintenance requests you haven’t quite gotten to yet or situations that arise due to an early termination of a lease. A key advantage of having a property manager is that they know how to be assertive with tenants without breaching their rights.

Need an experienced property manager to look after your Gold Coast investment property?

Working with the skilled team of Gold Coast property managers at Ray White Labrador can save you from countless headaches and stress, save money, run interference with tenants, and promptly maintain your property. 

Our team are highly skilled in tenant communication and the ability to hold an “arms-length” relationship with your tenant. As corny as it may sound, property management is our passion. We are a family-run company, so our morals and promises are fundamental to the way we handle business.

Let us achieve great results for you, contact our office for a no-obligation chat to discuss your needs in a property manager. Take the weight off your shoulders and have peace of mind knowing our experts can handle all your property management needs.   

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